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The Spiwe Show® is an idea exchange empowering listeners to Live Well, Live Fully, and Love Deeply by improving the quality of our personal, professional, and spiritual relationships.

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The Mission

To encourage greater acts of love and acceptance by inspiring the realization in all people that true success comes through love.

The Vision

To create a world where all people better understand and embrace each other’s diverse backgrounds and experiences, and treat each other with respect. A world where we understand that the success of the strongest also depends on, and is impacted by, the level of success achieved by the weakest. A world where all nations live as siblings in a united world, guided by our Father’s truth, wisdom, and compassion.

The Life Manual

I confess…I made this term up! It’s whatever formal spiritual text you rely on for your spiritual guidance. I believe you should have a guidepost by which you measure right and wrong and live your life (preferably not one that wavers with social norms and personal convenience!). Religious texts are perfect for this. My personal Life Manual is the Holy Bible; just like a product manual, it serves as the comprehensive guide for how to get the most out of life:

  1. It gives me instructions on how to maximize my personal effectiveness and joy;
  2. It tells me what NOT to do so that I avoid heartache and trouble;
  3. It offers troubleshooting guidance for when I run my life off into the ditch.

I call it the Life Manual because not everyone uses the same one; I have friends who use the Hebrew Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, or The Q’ran.  While there are some significant differences, the teachings about how best to live and treat others are fundamentally the same.  So whatever your Life Manual is, I recommend you read it often and think critically about how it applies to your life today.

About Spiwe

A successful lawyer and joyous mother of two, I have  learned a great deal in my own life and in sharing the struggles and triumphs of others, about relationships in the personal, business and spiritual realms.

I am a woman, a mom, daughter, sister, confidante, lover, friend, professional adviser, boss, team member, and most importantly, God’s child.

I started this blog because I felt in my soul that it was something that my Divine Dad (I told you I was God’s child) wanted me to do.  Whether it helps one or one million, our ability to come together from different walks of life and share our experiences, makes this blog a success.

Hopefully it answers some of your questions too.

Want to know more about me?  Check out my full professional LinkedIn profile.

I want to hear from you!  Contact me with your ideas, questions, and especially if you’d like to be a guest on the show!