Episode Descriptions

The Spiwe Show episodes fall into thematic channels that address different aspects of life and relationships.  Use these descriptions for guidance to navigate the channels and find the information you need.

Career – These episodes are geared toward helping you succeed in your career by providing you tips, ideas, and examples of how others excel in their careers.

Health – Get ideas on how to improve your health.  Whether you want to gain or lose weight, reduce stress, identify habits that get in the way of better health, check out the Health episodes.

Legal – Keep abreast of legal issues, particularly as landmark events like major and minor elections come and go.  Whether you want to understand the pros and cons of gay marriage, voter ID, or the ins and outs of Obamacare, this channel will unpack these and more issues so that you can make your own informed decisions.

Parenting - Good parenting, accidental parenting, things you can learn from your kids, what to tell them about intimacy and sex.  All these and more topics are explored in the Parenting channel.

Romance – All things romance!  Problems, tips, what to do, how to do, and what not to do for the success of your romantic relationships.

Spirituality – Life is all about relationships, and this channel explores various aspects of your spiritual relationship, including the value of gratitude for the bad things that happen, and how spirituality can help you overcome stress.

Success – Personal and professional success is the name of the game for this series. Money management, great books, the role of gratitude, the importance of rest all contribute to your success.