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About the Shows
Ways to Connect
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About the Shows

How do you pick the topics?
Through a variety of ways including topics based on current affairs, expertise of guest speakers, brainstorming, and consulting with the Divine. We always seek to strike a balance between delivering shows that speak to your personal, professional, and spiritual wellbeing.

What if I want to hear a particular topic?

Email your request.

What if I want to tell you stuff?

If you want to volunteer as a guest, recommend a guest, ask a question, email your request.

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Ways to Connect

Are you on YouTube?
Yes. A few of the shows were video recorded. You can check them out on The Spiwe Show® YouTube Channel.

Can I find The Spiwe Show on iTunes?
Yes! Visit The Spiwe Show® iTunes home page OR

  • If you don’t have it, you’ll need to download iTunes to your computer. It’s free, OR
  • From iTunes on your computer, visit the iTunes store
  • Click on “Podcasts” in the top line navigation
  • In the search box at the top right, type “Spiwe”
  • Subscribe for free! Download every past show you like for free!
  • New shows will automatically be available every time you visit iTunes
  • Can I call in to listen to the show?
    Yes. Notices for live recordings are issued on Blogtalkradio, and on the Facebook Fan Page when they are being recorded. During the live recording, Skype in or call (877) 560-6033 (toll free), or (760) 683-2616.

    I want to listen to the show but I’m outside the US.
    Call during a live recording +1 (760) 683-2616. You can listen to past shows on iTunes, on this web site or on the Facebook Fan Page at any time.

    How do I listen online?
    Go to the home page and click on the box for the show you want to hear. Once on the full page for the show, click on the live “Listen Now!” link, or click on the “play” icon in the blue Blogtalkradio box. This will open the audio file and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

    Can I listen to past shows by phone?
    No, but you can listen online. Go to the home page and click on the box for the show you want to hear. Once on the full page for the show, click on the live “Listen Now!” link, or click on the “play” icon in the blue Blogtalkradio box. This will open the audio file and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

    If I call in will I have to say something?
    No. When you call in during a live broadcast, you will be prompted to press “1” if you would like to speak. Otherwise, you can just listen. I’d love to hear from you though, so don’t be shy!

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    Do you respond to posts complimenting the site or content?

    Generally, not on an individual basis. Thank you to all of you who have posted positive, complimentary, and encouraging notes. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Keep telling us your (relevant) thoughts and what you’d like to hear.

    Why didn’t my comment appear on the site?

    First, thank you for taking the time to submit a comment. To be posted, comments must be spam-free, reasonably relevant, and sufficiently intelligible that another reader can understand the gist of what you are trying to convey. We receive thousands of comments each week, and we just don’t have the space to post them all, and so we can only select a few to appear on the site. If you have something specific that requires a response, email the show.

    Why didn’t you respond to my question?

    We don’t respond to questions via public comment, but rather, private email. We have found that most people who submit comments don’t use their real email address. If you would like a response, don’t submit a comment; send an email.

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    Content and Web Site

    I really liked an episode. Will you post more on this topic?
    Content will be continually added to the web site, and some may be related to particular show and some may not. Send an email if you have a particular request and we will do our best to accommodate it.

    Are you willing to exchange links?
    This depends on a number of factors. Submit an email with the proposed blog or web site and we will explore the possibilities with you.

    Can I use some of the material from your blog?
    The materials on this web site are protected by copyright. There are some situations under which it is legally permissible to use some of the materials (e.g. research and educational purposes), but care must be taken not to violate copyright.

    Can I use some of your pictures?
    No. All of the pictures on this web site are either original works, or have been purchased and you would be violating the owners’ rights by taking them from this site. The web is full of images; we suggest you purchase your own photos or find photos that are in the public domain.

    Would you like content writers?
    Maybe. Email the show with your ideas or proposal and we will explore the possibilities with you.

    Are you interested in writing content for my blog?
    Maybe. Email the show with your ideas or proposal and we will explore the possibilities with you.

    How often do you update the site?
    There’s a new show every Sunday, and the notice for it usually goes live the previous Sunday. New contents and updates are continually added to the site. Pay attention to the red box on the right side of every page for news on what’s new.

    Where do you actually record the shows?
    On The Spiwe Show BlogTalkRadio web site.  You can subscribe to the show there and get early previous and notices when a show is being recorded live.

    Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
    It is a custom designed site which runs on the WordPress platform.

    Your web design is fantastic! Who designed it?
    Velvet Ink Media.

    I had trouble with the RSS feed
    Most people have had no problem with the RSS feed so we know it’s working. It may be that your browser or something else is not working properly. The site doesn’t support some browsers, such as Google Chrome, or earlier versions of Internet Explorer.  It does support Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.  Use those to subscribe to the RSS feed.

    The formatting looks strange on my screen
    The web site is optimized to run on several search engines, including Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. Some people still use Internet Explorer 6, which is not supported. Your formatting may look funny because it’s on an unsupported platform.

    I need advice about my own blog/ web site/ hosting etc.
    The Spiwe Show doesn’t provide technical advice on these matters. Your best bet is to consult with a professional in this field.

    Is your content suitable for children?
    Sometimes. You will hear a notice at the beginning of most shows reminding you that this is a show primarily for adults, and that you should exercise your discretion.  Generally, you are the best person to decide what your kids can and shouldn’t hear.  Always use your best judgment.

    How can I put this blog on my desktop?
    You can set it as a shortcut on your desktop, or you can add it as one of your favorites.

    Can I share your site with my facebook/ myspace/ other group?
    Absolutely!  Join the Facebook Fan Page and follow it on Twitter too.

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    What is Spiwe’s religious affiliation?
    I am a Christian.

    What is this Life Manual you talk about sometimes?
    It’s whatever formal spiritual text you rely on for your spiritual guidance.  At The Spiwe Show, we believe that you have to have a guidepost by which you measure right and wrong and live your life.  My personal Life Manual is the Holy Bible.  I have friends who use the Hebrew Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, or The Q’ran.

    Why do you call it a Life Manual?
    First, because not everyone uses the same thing.  Obviously, we all think we are right in whatever we use.  Wars have been fought and many have died over that argument.  My goal is to talk to people’s hearts about the love of the Heavenly Father, regardless of what Life Manual they’re using.

    I also call it a Life Manual because it serves the same purpose for your life as any technical or owner’s manual for a product you might purchase; it tells you how to optimize your life, what to avoid, how to best maintain this treasure that is YOU, and it contains all sorts of troubleshooting advice if you run your life off into a ditch.  How is that for a manual!

    What if I don’t read a Life Manual?
    You are loved and welcome here. We ask virtually all our guest speakers about their Life Manuals, and some don’t have one or read one at all. Even if you don’t ascribe to a Life Manual, we’d suggest that your greatest success on this earth will come when you truly love.

    Why is love so important?
    At The Spiwe Show, we believe that love of God and others is the root of all success. If you treat everyone around you with unconditional, unassuming, selfless love, your personal, professional and spiritual relationships will all improve; if not because people will treat you better, then because through your love, you will be able to accept them as they are. Love really does conquer all, but it’s so hard to do! Anyone can love people who love them. But when you master the ability to love the unlovable, the people who hate you and make your daily existence difficult, then you have mastered the art of true love.

    What if I don’t believe in God?
    If you didn’t believe in gravity, it wouldn’t change the fact that you’d topple to the ground if you walked out of a 10th floor window. Not believing in God doesn’t change the fact that HE IS. So don’t worry – the universe will continue to unfold as it should.

    Why SHOULD I believe in God?
    I would suggest, however, that you give that relationship with God a try.  Imagine a parent, full of love, yearning to have a relationship with you.  Why?  Because he knows how difficult life can be, how lonely and empty the world can be, and he wants to be there with you every step of the way.  He can also see around corners and into hearts the way you can’t.  He also happens to be the owner all the resources in the world.  He can help you in every way possible, and He will be there when no one else can be, and when no one else really understands.  Don’t walk away from love.

    Wait…are you one of those bible-thumping Christians waiting to pounce on the rest of us normal folk?
    Nope.  If you take an example from Jesus, undisputedly the greatest teacher who ever lived, you notice he never thumped anyone over the head with a bible.  Heck, he never even owned one as we know them today!  If YOU happen to be one of those dreaded bible thumpers, stop it!  I have never known of anyone who was converted by reason, berating, or intellectual argument.  I haven’t always understood this, but love is first, a verb, not an emotion.  Let them know we are Christians by our love.

    What if I think everyone who doesn’t hold the same religious beliefs I do is going to hell?
    The fact that you have religious beliefs suggests that you may know what Jesus said when asked which was the most important commandment. He cited two things: love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself (I’m paraphrasing). In other passages, God declares that vengeance is His. What does this mean to you and me? That our job is simply to love (much easier said than done, right?) We should leave the heavy job of judging who is going where and why to God.

    What if I disagree with some of the religious beliefs of some of your guests?
    That’s okay. The Spiwe Show only seeks to exchange ideas, not to convert you to someone else’s religious beliefs. To the extent that you wish to express your disagreements, we only ask that you do so with respect, just as you would want someone to respect your beliefs, even if they disagreed.

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    Gabriella Riggen
    Nov 30, 2011

    Hi, you have a good blog. I’ll bookmark it and come back in the future. Thanks!!